My bespoke portrait The Voyage before it was delivered to its new owners…





I’ve recently finished a new painting called Rimmon, loosely based on the legend of Alphin & Alderman. This tragic folk tale describes two giants fighting over a beautiful water nymph called Rimmon. The fascinating tale behind this legend is brilliantly explained here.

Featured in the painting is the war memorial Pots and Pans, which is near Alderman hill. There is a service held every year here on Remembrance Sunday.

Oldham Open

My painting Lucretia has been chosen as one of the artworks to be exhibited at the Oldham Open 2017.

I’m very excited to be part of this fantastic exhibition, and to be alongside all the amazing local artists from the Oldham area. It runs from Friday 22nd September–18 November at Gallery Oldham.



Foggy beach

Boats in the harbour

Calm seas


Oldham Open 2017

The Oldham Open 2017 is this September, and I’m looking forward to starting research for my submission. Model lined up, lots of ideas, just hope it all falls into place…


I’ll be heading up to Northumberland soon. I’m so looking forward to the beautiful light, seabirds, and inspiring coastline. Hoping to get lots of great picture reference for future art projects.

(Picture from Happen Upon website)

I love looking back on the process of how a piece of art comes to life, here is a close-up of a recent painting, before I added colour:

I had a fantastic time at Woodend Studios Art Fair this year and met some great artists, I even managed to sell a couple of my artworks :) Richard Davies was opposite me, and he gave me lots of brilliant advice – here is an example of his brilliant work: