My artwork ‘Nuthatch’ is now framed and for sale over at The People’s Gallery, with giclee prints available too.


Mounting & Framing

I’m currently mounting up my new artwork Jackdaw ready for framing. I’m also going to have a go at making my own frame – with a little help :) – so that is something I’m looking forward to!


We have an unhealthy number of Jackdaws in our back garden…
here is one of them :). Mixed media. 20 x 15cm approx. Original for sale
at The People’s Gallery.

My latest drawing is at the framers, and here is a sneak of a WIP as well…


First in a series of artworks I’m going to create of the wonderful birds in my garden:). Original available and also giclee prints.

20 x 15cm approx. Mixed media.


Finished my nuthatch picture – it’ll be framed and for sale in The People’s Gallery very soon…(scanned image to come.)

Nuthatch in progress

More painting progress…

More WIP

This is where I am with my oil painting. Hopefully, not long to go. Image slightly dark, but you get the idea.

Original art

The original of my artwork Prototype_17 is now for sale over at The People’s Gallery. (8 x 11.5 inches) Pop along if you are in the area or give them a call. A limited edition of 50 are also available here as a giclee print, these are slightly different from the original and are digitally enhanced.