Sketching ideas…

My art print ‘Lucretia’ is available in my Redbubble shop here.


I had a piece of artwork of Laura Palmer hanging around the studio, something about it just not right, so instead of disregarding it, I’ve experimented a bit with it, and it looks better now. A little bit of Twin Peaks fan art!


Some of my prints will be available over at Redbubble. I’m planning on creating new original artworks soon, and of course I will add more art prints!


Prints are available for my Geralt Of Rivia fanart on InPRNT here.

Geralt Of Rivia!

I’ve finished my homage to Geralt of Rivia, (well, the Henry Cavill version!) It was fun, and it would be cool to do a Yennefer version as well! :)

Geralt Of Rivia

The drawing phase of my Witcher artwork is finished, now onto adding maybe some colour and other details digitally, here he is so far…

Cast Long Shadows

Great times here, as Cat Hellisen‘s novel Cast Long Shadows is released today by the ever wonderful Luna Press, and I’m lucky to have my artwork on the cover:


More Witcher work in progress…

Got this amazing candle as a birthday present, inspired by Lucille Ball!