Looking back to process shots of The Voyage:


Dave Grohl

So here is a small illustration I have recently completed of the lovely
Dave Grohl! (Pencil, charcoal & ink.)



An old WIP for my artwork Essence:

Loosening Skin Launch

Unsung Stories are launching a couple of their new books (one with my cover artwork!) at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road on Wednesday 28th November. I hear there is beer and wine available…what’s not to like??? I love the cover art on Peter Haynes’s novel by Darren Hopes, I think the two books look great beside each other!

Looking back at an old WIP from Prototype_17...

My copy of Aliya Whiteley‘s new book The loosening Skin has arrived! I can’t wait to read it!



Current paints…

A wonderful cook book!

A non art post :)

This book has some wonderful thoughtful recipes in it – that do seem to actually work and taste amazing! It’s technically a vegan book, and all about the wonderful flavours you can get with cooking, it’s by Jennifer Peace Rhind and Gregor Law.

Remembering my first attempt at ‘proper’ painting :) I found it very stressful, but thoroughly enjoyed it. This piece is acrylic, and I’m currently trying to move more towards oils.

The Fields

Another website update of some interior illustrations I did a couple of years ago for SST Publications…